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The mares here are very few in number.  Well bred, high quality, beautiful, functional and athletic Arabians is the requirement.   Most times only one mare is bred per year, sometimes no mares are bred.  Arabians, since 1965, Straight Egyptians since 1989, and have diligently done my homework.  ​Rafeekah has returned from the trainer where she was started under saddle. Bahieh was badly injured in November of her second year and while broodmare sound will not be started under saddle, at least as of now. Her wonderful temperament, loving and trusting though spirited enabled her to heal and for years hopefully ahead of her.

Last Winter 2019

Full Sisters

Tail Male: Saklawi I (APS)
Tail Female: El Dahma (APS)
Ancestral Elements
Egypt I, 85.3%
Blunt, 8.4%
Inshass, 6.0%
Egypt II, 0.3%

Both these fillies, by birth, are free of SCID [severe combined immunodeficiency], LFS [lavender foal syndrome] and CA [cerebellar-abitrophy] NA/NA. Both their sire and dam are clear by parentage, meaning their parents were tested clear, non-carriers and thus they are clear, non-carriers.​ Both of these fillies are Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa, and Non-Nasralla.

The quote has been made genetic strength does not come from only a sire line, there must be a balance which is in the genetic excellence of the mares in these two fillies pedigrees.  There are more options when it comes to breeding choices to move on into the future for myself and anyone who purchases from this breeding program. Both of these individuals were purchased because they compliment in both phenotype and genotype with the Farm stallion, Navelli. Setting type in a breeding program is or should be paramount. A type which distinguishes your efforts.  ​

Navelli is heavy *Magidaa breeding yet contains Sameh outcrosses; both Rafeekah el Farid and Bahieh el Farid carry seven crosses to *Magidaa with different outcrosses than Navelli.  

The June, 2017 filly, Bahieh el Farid and the July, 2015 filly, Rafeekah el Farid, are full sisters, though they are different in phenotype.  Rafeekah is stretchy while Bahieh is more compact. Bahieh has grown, now a two year old in 2019, with the deep body even more pronounced than shown in her yearling photo. Her mane carries the black gene shimmer over the top though she is a “bay.”  ​

Both full sisters are line bred to Faridat, exported to Egypt, she by Anaza el Farid and out of a Bar Salim Halim mare. They bring in Shaikh al Badi and Ruminaji blood through the sires who have the Abayyan tail female dam, Faridat. They also carry the blood of the mare Bint Al Badeia from the Cairo, Egypt AlBadeia Stud, Dr. Marei’s renowned stud.  Her sire is the legendary Anaza El Farid, Egyptian Event Supreme Champion, Top Five World Champion at the Salon Du Cheval, 1993 US National Top Ten Stallion. His sons include Gazal Al Shaqab, ZT’ Faa’IQ and Farres.  ​

“Raffy” has been a slow developer so saddle training will begin early spring 2020. If she is not 15 hands she is very close to it and still maturing.  She will be an easy 15 hands, at least.   She is the type who gets along with just about any type of horse personality.  She was the farm babysitter because of her loving nature.

Their breeder, Marguerite Illing of ​Twin Brooks Arabians, New York, states their horses are known for their wide expressive eyes, excellent slope of shoulder, athletic individuals . . . and personalities, the “Intelligent . . . of the tent”.  

While not the best photo, this is one taken by the trainer as Rafeekah learns the skills needed to be a wonderful riding companion, May 2020


Shaikh Al Farid – The Sire
On the top Shaikh Al Badi and on the mare side, a son of Faridat, he has been the second half of the Twin Brook Arabians Abayyan breeding program, a small, dedicated, decades old breeding program highly desired here in the United States as well as overseas. His dam Faridat, daughter of Anaza El Farid, was exported to Egypt. Hank and Marguerite Illing were in the group buying Anaza El Farid at the Egyptian Event when the St. Clairs placed this outstanding stallion for sale.  Both his sire and dam have been exported. ​His daughters are few, yet the one daughter has produced two black fillies for the Illings. Needless to say, they are being watched by many including overseas.  ​He is clear by parentage for SCID, LFS and CA. 15:1 hands  

Mahdanna Ajiba – The Dam
This is one of the better daughters of her dam if not the best daughter. Not just a lovely classic head with big, beautiful eyes set on a well shaped long neck, there is also strength, levelness and length of croup for a balanced body. Add to this, a kind disposition she gives to both of her daughters. When one has a great dam line there is not much to add to the foal. This mare has nice action, about 14:3 hands.  This summer Mahdanna was sold to another breeder, Simply Arabians in Colorado and produced a very nice, typy colt this spring, 2021.  They are very happy with her.  She is clear by parentage on SCID, LFS and CA. ​

Ali Ajiba – The Sire of the Dam
A son of Faridat and Ali Barba, Mahdonna’s sire gives his head to his offspring.  Abayyan in strain. 
Sire of Mahdanna Ajiba.
Tested clear SCID, LFS and CA.​
Ali Ajiba is another product of the Twin Brooks Arabians breeding program where a home bred mare was bred for an outcross, keeping within the Abayyan tail female lines. Ali Ajiba and Shaikh El Farid have the same dam, Faridat. ​Both his sire and dam have been exported. 

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