Purebred Arabians, and by their breeding Straight Egyptians, these horses are not bred for an exclusive use, these are all around horses. Ride them all day and they are still ready to go at the end of the day.
Arabians are noted for kind disposition, being very intelligent and willing to and wanting to be with people. 

They are truly dispositions to live with.  They excel as riding horses, endurance horses, some may do working western, they will also display jumping ability, and they are SAFE to be around 365 days a year/24/7. ​Wide expressive eyes, excellent slope of shoulder, muscled hindquarters, excellent legs, exceptional tail carriage and personalities, sensible, laid back yet with the spirit of an Arabian. Having been with Arabians since 1965 none here are bred for the show ring; they are bred to be horses to enjoy having around you, going for a ride, being athletic to get the job done, whether it be a pleasure ride down the trail or checking line fences all day long.  

With 50 years selecting stallions to go the next step forward, Navelli represents the fruits of those years in the search for the best stallion. Better than his sire, smoother, more classic in the head, bigger eye, yet retaining his sire’s best qualities. His dam, since sold to France, added her refinement. If given the opportunities he should have a definite impact on the breed, whether in the Straight Egyptian lines or any of the breed lines.  ​​He will be bred to Rafeekah El Farid in the spring of 2020.

Makhiavelli KA, sire of Navelli, as a young horse, pictured above at two years of age
2005 Champion Arkansas Victory Challenge – Yearling Colts
2005 Champion Egyptian Event 2 and Under Colts – ATH
2005 Egyptian Event Top Ten Futurity – Yearling Colts
2006 Egyptian Event Top Ten Futurity – 2 Year Old Colts​​​

Makhnificent KA, sire of Makhiavelli KA
US National Top Ten Futurity & Sweepstakes Colt, Region 9 Reserve Champion Stallion, and Champion Sweepstakes Colt. ​
Makhiavelli KA’s dam, KA Sultan Kasmira is an Egyptian Event Top Ten Mare.​Makhiavelli KA is Al Khamsa and pure in strain Sawlaki.

If you are interested in breeding your Arabian, or non-Arabian mare, please contact the farm, as the interest is to help you in determining the best cross for your mare. ​Navelli is an outcross for Thee Desperado, Thee Ministrel, Ruminaja Ali, Simeon Shai, Babson and Ansata Horses. Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa, Non-Nasrallah or Binte El Bataa.

His dam, the lovely DKA Nadir

DKA Nadir, dam to Navelli, at the Egyptian Event where she stood Top Ten in her class.​
Since then Nadir was exported to France where she foaled a Mishaal filly and later a colt by a French stallion. ​Her whereabouts today is unknown. Navelli is the ONLY foal of this cross and her ONLY son at stud anywhere in the world and the ONLY blood of this mare left in the United States.

She stands 15.2H, has wonderful conformation, excellent length of hip and leg, a long well set on neck and though this photo does not show it, her type and the beauty of her head made her a standout at the Event when she was shown there as a young mare. 

​Her dam Nagda, has a who’s who pedigree of Straight Egyptian Arabians as her dam, Bint Magidaa was bred to her son, Nabiel to produce Nagda.   Now owned by Hassanain Al Nakeeb of Al Nakeeb Stud in England, Nagda is a distinguished mare who has already produced Majestic Noble SMF and Sterling Vision, two grey stallions with excellent balance and type.​ DKA Nadir’s sire, Hi-Fashion Mareek is by Ibn El Mareekh, Champion Most Classic by imported El Mareekh, the St. Clair’s Stud in Florida.

Navelli is tail female Abayyan in strain
12.5% Magidaa topline
25% Nabiel topline
25% Magidaa damline
25% Nabiel damline
and 25% full sister of Nabiel damline
8 crosses to Sameh through Eight Generation Pedigree

Above photo: First born son from Egyptian related mare out of a Lasma bred daughter of Eukalptus, at about 20 months of age, in first stages of training and did great. Since his days with old-time Vaquero style training, he has gone to a new home in New Mexico.  

Navelli has a strong pedigree for both conformation and disposition.  Both these traits, conformation and disposition are within all the horses at the farm or they are not here long.  Every horse and every human will have at least a fault if not more than one.  Some faults can be dealt with in selective breeding.  However, Parrot mouth, long backs, weak loins, poor shoulders won’t be found here,   Structure, strength of body and loin, good, strong, solid legs, a disposition every horseman or horsewoman cherishes, and elegance.  Smooth body, wide set eyes in prominent sockets, set in a dished face, not extreme, very pretty head, excellent slope of shoulder, with a dynamic personality.​

Naavelli was tested through Vet-Gen Veterinary Genetic Services to be clean/clear for SCID, LFS and CA.  Statement from Vet-Gen:   A bay horse carries both the Extension (E) allele and a suppression gene known as the agouti gene (A).​ The agouti gene, dominant over the black gene, limits or suppresses the black coloring to black points, allowing the underlying red coat color to come through.   Navelli can pass black and if bred to black not carrying chestnut (e), should be able to produce a black offspring.  

Navelli is available at stud. Purebred, Registered Arabian mares the payment to me is $300.  Live Foal Guarantee.  Contact Dhabi Farm for the Breeding Contract. 
For Registered Non-Arabian mares or Percentage Arabian mares the payment to me is $200. 
For Grade mares the payment to me is $100.​
All Fees due to the Veterinary Clinic where he will stand for breeding have to be paid in full before the mare will be released.  The Veterinary Clinic sets their fees for handling of the mare and stallion, their overnight stabling fees, the Culture test on the mare, and any other costs applicable.  

The mare must arrive at the Veterinary Clinic with a valid Coggins test, a clean health certificate, and a current, this heat cycle clean culture. No shoes on the mare and she must be halter broke.  No Exceptions.  Our lives, the veterinarians, everyone life matters.

​After February 1, 2020, Bookings with signed Breeding Contracts and Deposits will be accepted.  There are good breeding veterinarians available at Muleshoe and at Dimmitt. 

Dhabi Farm does not do transported or frozen semen, only live cover, with the exception, if the veterinarian so deems necessary and within their clinic procedures, artificial insemination on site would be a possibility. However, all costs are those of the mare owner.   

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