Eggs available for Hatching

Fertile Hatching Eggs, Shipping Policies and Guarantees 

Attention: When ordering hatching eggs you assume full responsibility, there will not be any refund on eggs!

Eggs are a risk!  ​​

Under no or any circumstances will Dhabi Farm guarantee any or all of hatching eggs picked up at the Farm will hatch.  ​​


For locals, the Farm can safely fit 12 eggs per box.  Each egg is individually wrapped first in a paper towel and then placed inside insulated foam into a box.  This box is then placed inside another shipping box from the U.S. Post Office.  All the care possible is taken when sending out hatching eggs.  ​Cost for Speckled Sussex eggs is $3.00 each or $30.00 a dozen. 

There is no minimum on number of eggs ordered. ​​
There is NO guarantee eggs will hatch ​
A guarantee is given eggs will be fresh and in good shape for incubation. Many factors exist beyond my control which may contribute to incubation success or failure.  When incubating hatching eggs have your incubator prepared and turned on for 24 hours prior to arrival.   When you and your eggs arrive home, carefully unwrap each egg and inspect them. Discard any broke or cracked eggs. ​Place eggs pointy end down into an egg carton and store unmoved for 18 to 22 hours at 70 degrees F prior to placing in your incubator. This is called the resting period and is very important. It can greatly increase your hatch rate. ​You can expect 40% to 50% of eggs to hatch.  

When placing an order please read all the information, and other information given on this website. Once payment is made you are agreeing to our purchase policies. ​Orders are filled in order of payment received and the Farm will not be able to give an exact date until chicks have hatched.  This is a small breeding venture on the farm and not a high production hatchery. Please keep in mind we are working with live animals and laying patterns and fertility are out of my control. Hatching can not be rushed, especially those chicks who depend on a living creature, the hen to incubate the eggs. 

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