Dhabi Farm has two breeds at the farm from which eggs, fertilized are sometimes available and rarely chicks, straight run. The two breeds are Buff Plymouth Rock and Speckled Sussex.

Male Breed Standards:
Body: Broad, deep and cobby
Back: Nicely curved with a somewhat short concave outline
Saddle: Wide and slightly rising, full hackle
Breast: Broad, deep and well rounded, not flat
Wings: Small nicely formed and carried close to the body, the ends almost hidden by saddle hackle
Tail: Rather short and compact, flowing and high, no higher than the head, by no means “Squirrel tail”
Head: Small and neat, fairly full over the eyes, broad and deep, narrow skull undesireable  
Beak: Relatively short, strong and nicely curved
Eyes: Large and Bold
Comb: Single-small, 5 or 6 points are acceptable, evenly serrated and free from side sprigs, back of the comb following the line of the scull just to the top of the earlobes.  Low and firm on head. Top free from hollow center, oval, surface covered with small rounded points, tapering to a well defined point at rear. Entire comb curving to conform to shape of skull 
Face: Smooth
Wattles and Earlobes: Medium length, oblong and nicely rounded at the bottom; The beak is dark/ horn colored, eyes a reddish bay color. Comb, wattles and earlobes are red.  
Earlobes: Small, elongated
Neck: Medium length, curved, compact and with full hackle
Plumage: Fairly profuse but close, not soft, loose and fluffy as Cochin, or close and hard, as in Game
Legs & Thighs: Legs short & strong, the thighs almost hidden by the body feathers, well set apart, Absent of leg feathering.   Occasionally a bird will have a few feathers on the shanks; this is not acceptable in show circles.
Toes: Four, straight and well spread​​

Female Breed Standards
General characteristics are similar to those of the male​.
Cushion should be wide but almost flat, and slightly rising to the tail, sufficient to give the back a graceful appearance with an outline approaching concave. ​
Disqualifications and Serious Defects
Serious defects are Yellow skin, or yellow on the shanks or feet of any variety.
Any yellow or sappiness in the white.
Coarseness in head, legs or feathers​

Type, Size and Carriage = 40 percent 
Condition = 5 percent
Head & Eyes = 15%
Color & Plumage = 30%
Legs, Feet & Skin = 10%
​Virtually no leg feathering.
Variety breeds true. Mature Lavenders will fade to tan/yellowing overtones (roosters more than hens) in the hackles and saddle area from sun exposure.

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