Straight Egyptian Breeding Program began in 1989, previously Crabbet blend with other lines


ALL of the horses are either 
LFS NEGATIVE; SCID CLEAR & N/N for CA by testing or Parentage.

Arabians are known for their distinctive head and for being bred for the desert.  What is not generally known is outside those bred for the showing crowd, the basic Arabian is a beautiful saddle horse, for any member of the family.    Fine black skin, fine profile with small muzzle, big sweet dark eyes, plus a fine throat latch/long arched neck, these are standard with Dhabi Arabians. The horses here are either of the Abayyan [Obayyan] strain or heavily bred to this strain; Abayyans are known for their excellent slope of shoulder, their intelligence shining through their own individual personality and for the Arabian owner/breeders who needs this trait – their exceptional tail carriage.

These horses are intelligent and treated kindly, but as a horse should be handled, they will do and do for you, with it being almost impossible to ride them until they drop.  ​They are known for intelligence, courage, loyalty and a spirited yet gentle disposition with an amazing affinity for humans.

For centuries the Bedouin Arab treated their horses as members of the family; foals were raised with their children, mares sought shelter in their tents. ​Today Arabians are known to be about unbeatable as endurance horses over any and all terrain. In the US if one wants to compete, let alone win, the premier endurance race of the US, the Tevis Cup Race, you will need an Arabian as shown by the winners for the last 30 years.  ​

Traditionally dressed Libyan horsemen, Twitter photo, by Khaled Salama

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