Purebred Registered Arabians and the Poultry Pages

Typical of the quality and health of the flock

Speckled Sussex eggs and chicks will not be available next year in 2021. The farm’s only rooster is deceased and his replacement will not arrive until April, 2021. Should be available in 2022. Pickup only.  As the area fights and reels from Covid-19 unknown if the Farmers Market will be available.  

Chicks on order, vaccinated for Merck’s, arriving the first part of April. There will be a couple of Speckled Sussex cockerels and pullets, as well as a flock, unsexed of Iowa Blues (8) and a couple of the very good egg layers Brown Stars (formerly Sex-links).

There are now 7 Brown Sex Link Pullets and 14 Barred Rock Pullets who are 14 weeks old and are with the producing hens. In addition, 20 Buff Plymouth Rock Pullets arrived late February and will be going the flock probably first of July. These were all laying good until the really cold snaps hit this late fall. All have been going through various stages of molt, as well.

​The farm has a pair of American Buff geese now at home on the farm but they appear to be mostly “guard dogs”. However, there will be coming this winter a hopeful pair of breeding American Buff.   Look for goslings next year at a reasonable price. 
Watch here periodically as the farm may be able to offer a very few goslings, undetermined breed yet, this spring.

Arabians came from the deserts into modern day breeding programs. Their lands were in the MidEast and Northern Africa as well as Turkey.

Most of our breeding stock carries the rare Abeyyan Strain either throughout their pedigree or both pedigree and tail-female line of breeding. The Arabian breed follows the female line unlike other horse breeds which follow the sire line.
Abayyans [Obeyyan] are known for their exceptional tail carriage, wide expressive eyes, excellent slope of shoulder…and personalities. 

All have either been DNA Tested for LFS, SCID & CA or are clean of genetic disease by parentage. When DNA hair testing can be done, OAAM results will be here. PSSM2 variations is being considered as well.

The farm will be breeding this spring as both of the “fillies” are now breeding age mares. Inquiries welcome.