Purebred Registered Arabians,
Plymouth Rock Hen Flock,
and American Buff Geese

young Geese at 5 months of age!
Rafeekah, one of our heavily bred Abeyyan mares, though tail-female is Dahman.

Speckled Sussex eggs and chicks will not be available in 2021. The farm’s only rooster is deceased and his replacement will not arrive until April, 2021. Should be available in 2022. Pickup only.  Our local area is back functioning, FFA shows and sales in January, life returning to these rural communities.

There are now 7 Brown Sex Link Pullets and 14 Barred Rock Pullets with 15 Buff Plymouth Rock Pullets who arrived late February, 2020 and have since joined the hen flock as layers. These were all laying good until the really cold snaps hit this late fall. All have been going through various stages of molt, as well and as of end of March, 2021, back to laying large brown eggs.

‚ÄčThe farm has acquired champion bred American Buff goslings, 2021 hatch, from one of the top breeders in Texas. These will establish a Buff flock for the future at the farm. Look for goslings in 2022 at a fairly reasonable price.  Quote: Kathy raises only the best. The years of attention to detail has paid off in the best American Buff geese you will find.

Arabians came from the deserts into modern day breeding programs. Their lands were in the MidEast and Northern Africa as well as Turkey.

Most of our breeding stock carries the rare Abeyyan Strain either throughout their pedigree or both pedigree and tail-female line of breeding. The Arabian breed follows the female line unlike other horse breeds which follow the sire line.
Abayyans [Obeyyan] are known for their exceptional tail carriage, wide expressive eyes, excellent slope of shoulder…and personalities. 

These are working horses; family friendly horses; they have a purpose in life and are not bred specifically for any show ring.

All have either been DNA Tested for LFS, SCID & CA, clean of these genetic diseases or are clear of these diseases by parentage. When DNA hair testing can be done, OAAM results will be here. PSSM2 variations is being considered as well.

The farm will be breeding this spring as both of the “fillies” are now breeding age mares. Inquiries welcome.